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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Research in Environmental Science

Volume-4 Issue-1, 2018

A Case-Control Study of the Relationship between LINC01495, TRAPPC9 Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Susceptibility in Northeast Chinese Population
Qianru Yang, Yangwu Ren, Ruoyi Qu, Hang Li, Chang Zheng, Zhihua Yin, Yuxia Zhao, Baosen Zhou

Enhancement of Hydrogen Production by Combining a Blend Ratio for Two Types of Algal Waste Biomass and Reducing Casamino Acids Supplementation By Clostridium butyricum RAK25832
Shahira Said Aly, Tsuyoshi Imai, Mohamed Salah Hassouna, Takaya Higuchi, Ariyo Kanno, Koichi Yamamoto, Rinji Akada, Masahiko Sekine

Conservation Status of Dilifekar Block, Arsi Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Getachew Bantihun, Shimekit Tadele, Abebe Ameha Mengistu
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 20-26

Carbon Emissions Intensity Research in Guangdong Province Based on Input-Output Method
Chen YU, Takeshi MIZUROYA, Yoshiro HIGANO, Yucheng ZHU
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 27-38

Association between Genetic Variations in Kv7.5 and Susceptibility of Lung Cancer in a Northeast Chinese Population
Huanrui Zhang, Xuelian Li, Yangwu Ren, Zhihua Yin, Chang Zheng, Xiaowei Quan, Baosen Zhou
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 39-46

Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Pulverized Mangifera indica (Mango) Seed Kernel on Some Hematological Parameters in Normal and Monosodium Glutamate-Intoxicated Rats
Anthony Cemaluk C. Egbuonu
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 47-55

Assessment of Salivary Biomarkers on Work- Related Stress
Nagat Amer, Zeinab Monir, Khadiga S Ibrahim, Mona M Taha, Eman M Shahy, Mai S. Saleh
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 56-61

Quality Assessment of Waterside River, Ogbor Hill Aba 4: Effect of Three-Point Samples on Hepatic Histo-Morphology and Some Seric Bio-Functional Indicators of Wistar Rats
Anthony Cemaluk C. Egbuonu, Okechukwu C. Atasie, Chimaroke Onyeabo, Nancy O. Uchenna
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 62-72

Protocol for Transferring Bare-rooted Native Plant Seedlings to Restoration Sites - Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species Contaminants
David Beaune, Jean-Francois Butaud, Souad Boudjelas
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 73-75

Agriculture Production and Food Security in State Number Five, Nepal
Prem Sagar Chapagain
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 76-82

Levels and Distribution of Pesticide Residues in Water and Soil from the Hydromorphic Rice Valleys of Pemba Island - Zanzibar, Tanzania
Haji Mwevura, Hassan Said Hassan
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 83-92