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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Research Studies in Agricultural Sciences

Volume-2 Issue-6, 2016

Effect of Drain Depth of Vertisols, Nitrogen Source and Time of Application on Yield and Yield Components of Maize (Zea Mays L.) in Ambo, Western Ethiopia
Tadesse Debele, Bobe Bedadi

Sedimentology and Geochemistry of the Makran Coastal Sediments Located in Southeastern Iran
Ahrari-roudi, Moyeddin, M.A.Zainudini
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 10-20

The Study of Leaves in Plantations of Poplar and Alder in Fouman Region of Iran
Seyed Abdollah Mousavi Koupar, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Farzam Hosseinzadeh Rad
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 21-25

Effect of Genotype on Growth Traits Characteristics of Two Commercial Broiler Chickens in a Derived Savannah Zone of Nigeria
Ige, A.O, Rafiu, B.R., Mudasiru, I.T
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 26-32

Factors Affecting Turkish Farmers' Satisfaction with Agricultural Credit
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 33-44