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International Journal of Research Studies in Agricultural Sciences

copyright policy

Copyright relates to the privileged rights to publish and distribute work. Copyright is a stack of rights, naturally relegated to the author(s) by enactment in many nations. Few of them are

  • The right to reproduce the work
  • To prepare derivative works
  • To distribute copies
  • To perform the work
  • To display the work publicly

Rights retained to ARC Publications PVT LTD

For open access articles that are published in ARC Publications PVT LTD is granted with the following rights-

  • The exclusive right to publish and distribute an article, and have rights to share including for commercial purposes too.
  • The article can be used to promote on social media even after publication.
  • If in case of copyright infringement done by any others for the submitted article, ARC Publications PVT LTD will support the author.

Rights granted to Author

  • Author has to sign on the licence agreement to allow author to publish the article. Licence agreement is related to transfer of publishing rights from author to publisher.
  • Copy right of the submitted article will be retained with Author.
  • Author will also retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights for his submission