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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
Volume 4, Issue 10, 2017, Page No: 142-149

Scrutinizing Domestic Garbage Disposal Techniques of Slum Dwellers: A Study on Slum Areas of Sylhet City of Bangladesh

Mufti Nadimul Quamar Ahmed*, Golam Moula, Sayed Bokth Mojumadar

Department of Sociology, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST),Bangladesh.

Citation :Mufti Nadimul Quamar Ahmed, Golam Moula, Sayed Bokth Mojumadar, Scrutinizing Domestic Garbage Disposal Techniques of Slum Dwellers: A Study on Slum Areas of Sylhet City of BangladeshInternational Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education 2017,4(10) : 142-149.


Major purpose of this study was to investigate the domestic waste disposal techniques of slum dwellers. This study also tried to assess their surrounding environmental condition. To conduct the study, two slum areas; Ranu's colony and Helal Miah`s colony, were selected as study areas. Both of the locations fall under ward no.8 governed by Sylhet City Corporation (SCC). In total, 50 households head participated in the household survey administered through structured questionnaire. The descriptive design incorporated mean, standard deviation, table and bar graph utilizing SPSS for data analysis and presentation. The study indicates most of the slum residents throw their domestic wastes into nearby yards. Furthermore, the study reveals variations of the slum-dwellers in terms of education, income, age and so on. The most fascinating distinction yields in their perception towards waste management responsibility. Nearly 65% respondent of Helal Miah's colony reveals that slum-owners should take this responsibility, while 42.4% respondent in Ranu`s colony reveals slum-dwellers should be responsible for this. However, a significant number of them, 78.8% of Helal Miah's colony and 47% of Ranu`s colony, strongly agrees that throwing waste everywhere is deleterious to environment. It is recommended from this study that the local governments; city corporation or municipality, in conjunction with NGO's should devise an organized plan to make slum dwellers aware about potential risks associated with poorly disposed waste. Further study may include the interaction between poor waste management and its impact over the immediate environment.

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