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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Advanced Research in Botany

Volume-4 Issue-1, 2018

Assessment of Influence of Extension Teaching Methods on the Level of Adoption of Agricultural Innovation in Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria
Umeh, O.J., Aghale, D. N., Anyim, A.

Analysis of Gender Roles and Production Function of Small Scale Oil-Palm Processing in South-East, Nigeria
Nzeakor F. C, Umeh O. J.

New Chemical Compounds Isolated from the Stem Bark of Talipariti Elatum Sw. in Cuba
Jose Gonzalez, Armando Cuellar, Julio Perez, Max Monan, Enrique Gomez
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 14-18

In Vitro Propagation and Ex Vitro Establishment of a Medicinal Plant- Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr. through Leaf Culture
Mustafa Abul Kalam Azad, Muhammad Nurul Amin
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 19-28

Effect of Four Different Salts on Seed Germination and Morphological Characteristics of Oryza sativa L. cv. MR219
Nahid Kalhori, Tung Ying, Rosimah Nulit, Mahbod Sahebi, Rambod Abiri, Narges Atabaki