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Education and Training in Enhancing Performance of Indonesia Port Corporation Employees
Arief Aliman
Download | Page No : 24-27


Prior Knowledge in EFL Reading Comprehension: Native and Nonnative EFL Teachers' Perceptions, Classroom Strategies and Difficulties Encountered
Eid Alhaisoni
Download | Page No : 30-41


Curriculum Adaptation and the Accommodation of Children with Dyslexia in Regular Schools in Buea Sub-Division, Cameroon
Patrick Fonyuy Shey
Download | Page No : 36-47


New Distributional Records of the Bothrops Bilineatus Bilineatus (Wied 1825) (Serpentes:Viperidae) in Low Xingu River, Para, Brazil
Emil Jose Hernandez-Ruz, Elciomar Araujo De Oliveira
Download | Page No : 34-36


Research on Preschool Teachers' Safety Education in China
XiaoFen Wang
Download | Page No : 32-35

A Comparative Study of Semiotics in Radio & TV News
Setareh Majidi, Maryam Motiei
Download | Page No : 61-65

Effects of Nitrogen Treatments on Macro and Microelement Contents of Oil Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Seeds
Volkan GUL, Erdogan OZTURK, Taskin POLAT, Furkan COBAN
Download | Page No : 44-51

Product, Price, Distribution and Promotion as Determinants of Freight Forwarder Choice
Download | Page No : 5-10

Experimental Investigation of Formulation and Field Performance of Formate Based Drilling Fluid System for Vertical Well Drilling
Majid Sajjadian, Ehsanesmailpor Motlagh, Ali Akbar Daya
Download | Page No : 20-25

The Chronology of Cancer Descent from Earliest Hominin to Homo Sapiens
Sergey N. Rumyantsev
Download | Page No : 1-11

Interstitial Granulomatous Dermatitis Induced by Simvastatin
Rosa Gimenez-Garcia, Eva Martinez Martin
Download | Page No : 14-16

Intravenous Iron Saccharate Infusion for Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia before Labor
Ibrahim A. Abdelazim1, Mohannad Lutfi Abu-Faza, Sarjoun Bou Hamdan
Download | Page No : 20-25

Step by Step in Anatomic and Diagnostics Veterinary Pathology: How Death Teaches Us about Life
Peter Makovicky, Jacqueline M. Arnone, Pavol Makovicky
Download | Page No : 30-36

Mothers' Knowledge of Nutrition and Feeding Practices: A Case Study on Kampung Sehat STIKES Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
Chairun Nasirin
Download | Page No : 1-9

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in the Treatment of Chylousfistula after Neck Dissection
Binkova Hana, MD, Reska Michal, MD, Kostrica Rom, MD, Horakova Zuzana, MD
Download | Page No : 20-23