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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Sports and Physical Education
Volume 4, Issue 2, 2018, Page No: 13-27

An Analysis of Satisfaction Levels of Soccer Spectators in Terms of Gender on Socio-Cultural Activities being Held in Stadiums

Bulgurcuoglu A1, Kucuk V2, Kepoglu A3, Yorulmazlar M.M2, Ozcali U3

1. Istanbul Esenyurt University, Vocational School of Physical Education and Sports.
2. Marmara University, Faculty of Sport Sciences
3. Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Faculty of Sport Sciences
4. Halic University, Vocational School of Physical Education and Sports

Citation : Kepoglu A " An Analysis of Satisfaction Levels of Soccer Spectators in Terms of Gender on Socio-Cultural Activities being Held in Stadiums" International Journal of Sports and Physical Education,2018, 4(2) 8-12.


Purpose: In this study, according to the genders of the spectators coming to the football games organized in stadiums; the purpose of the study is to identify the stakeholders' interest in the level of satisfaction with socio-cultural activities.

Method: The research is limited to three football matches played in stadiums of Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality sports clubs during the 2012-2013 season.Considering the difficulties in using time, cost and scales, the study was limited to 1025 spectators in the implementation of the study.

Our research model is descriptive research model. In this model, the investigator observes the events and does not make any changes in the events while doing his work. In other words, it tries to examine and identify the events.To collect data in order to determine the behaviors of the spectators watching football matches in the stadiums, expectations and satisfaction levels from stadium services; 13 questionnaires were prepared in stadiums with a total of 32 questions that will determine the socio-cultural activities and 19 of which will determine the socio-economic levels and attitudes of consumers.The universe of the study is the spectators, whose age is 15 and above, coming to the stadium in Turkey Super League football match while 1025 spectators, who come to Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Inonu Stadium, Sukru Saracoglu Stadium and Turk Telekom Arena Stadium in Istanbul to watch the football match, create the sampling.

The reliability of this measurement tool is calculated by various methods, and the most common method is the internal consistency method.The Cronbach Alpha reliability criterion calculated using this method was used in our study.The Cronbach Alpha value is a coefficient ranging from 0 to 1, and as the number approaches 1, the reliability of the scale is considered high. The reliability of the Stadium Marketer and Customer Satisfaction Scale was calculated as 0.91 in pilot practice with 306 spectators.

Findings: According to the findings of the research, female spectators reported about arranging more sociocultural events in stadiums compared to male spectators. In addition, female spectators request stadiums to be used for multi-purpose purposes in sports rather than football matches.

Discussion and Results: In 13 variable data collection studies on socio-cultural activities carried out in stadiums, there is 1 variant interest between the participants' thoughts and their demographic characteristics and their gender, and 12 variables are of no interest.In other words, the opinions of the participants on the socio-cultural activities of the stadiums differ according to the genders of the participants. However, although the gender of the participants varies in 12 variants, there is no change in their views. Accordingly, the features of the stadiums are more likely to meet the expectations of male spectators, which in a sense makes the spectator "masculine". The increased activation of comfort, safety and other sports branches, along with socio-cultural events to be promoted in the stadium, suggests that the stadiums will attract more female spectator. In this respect, hooliganism and slopping over - especially in football- can be avoided, so it is expected that sporting events would be more enjoyable.

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