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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Political Science
Volume 4, Issue 4, 2018, Page No: 34-41

Turkey in Relation to EU and Russia - Triangle of Partnership or Conflicts

Bulent Acma1*, Mehmet Ali Ozcobanlar2

1.Anadolu University, Department of Economics, Eskisehir/Turkey.
2.Department of Management, University of Warsaw, Warsaw/Poland.

Citation : Bulent Acma, Mehmet Ali Ozcobanlar, "Turkey in Relation to EU and Russia- Triangle of Partnership or Conflicts" International Journal of Political Science 2018 , 4(4) : 34-41.


EU-Turkey-Russia. In this research, the relationship between European Union and Turkey, an age long neighbour to the continent and an associate member of European Union since 1963, are examined and analysed. Turkey is an important ally of the union and the only Muslim country-member of NATO from the very beginning of the treaty, since it joined the organization in 1952, at the same year that Greece did. The relations between the Union and Turkey are examined from the aspect of security. The reactions of the European Union to the recent political changes in Republic of Turkey, after the 15 July 2016 failed coupattempt, are also examined. The EU - Turkey relations after the failed coup attempt and the international impact of it are studied from the perspective of political and social influence it might have.

Russia is a vital energy supplier to the Union and Turkey is a geopolitical bridge between west and east, an energy corridor standing at the crossroad of important energy markets such as Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan. The country has also relations with Cyprus, an upcoming gas supplier and an EU member. These topics are analysed from the economic perspective. Turkey's new relationship with Russia, a relationship reborn and reshaped due to the Syrian conflict and the effects of the new alliance to the EU's energy supply and to the policies in the neighbourhood are examined. For the research, the historical methodology is used and secondary sources are analysed. Examples are given for a substantial collaboration as a neighbour in context of different variations of the new political conjectures.

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