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ARC Journals

Prof.Norio Yoshida

Professor of Mathematics,
University of Toyama,
Toyama, 930-8555, Japan.

First of all, congratulations on the successful publication of International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research!! Second, since I serve as a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research, I could have valuable experiences on scientific fields. I am now writing to let you know how much I appreciate the Editor-in-chief, Prof.Dr. K.V.L.N. Acharyulu. I believe that this journal will soon be one of the greatest journals in the world under the leadership of Prof. Dr. K.V.L.N. Acharyulu.

ARC Journals

Konstantina Keramida

Doctorate of Applied Informatics,
Teacher of Applied Informatics in Secondary Education,
University of Macedonia,

I am very glad for the submission of my paper to your journal. In addition, the ARC Publications services are high level, immediate and efficient. I wish in the future to associate again with ARC Publications.

ARC Journals

Prof.David R.Thayer

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Wyoming,
1000 E. University Ave.,
Laramie, WY 82071, USA.

I wanted to offer my recommendation for publication in the International Journal of Advanced Research in Physical Sciences (IJARPS). I have enjoyed the process of publication in the IJARPS, an ARC journal, already twice this year (2015). I highly recommend publication in this journal.

ARC Journals

Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha

Dean of Financial and Administrative Sciences,
Pharos University in Alexandria,

I would like to extend our appreciation as an academic author who published more than 65 research papers in major refereed International Journals, in addition to numerous refereed articles in proceeding of major international conferences in UAS, Europe and Arab Countries for the amazing work done by ARC Publications services. Your professionalism has impressed the entire team of our faculty staff and we consider ourselves honored to publish articles with your journal.

ARC Journals

Prof.J.Venkateswara Rao

Professor of Mathematics,
Mekelle University Main Campus,
P. O. Box No: 231, Mekelle,Tigray.

The effort of International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR) is remarkable. This journal is a peer-reviewed, open access with accurate timeliness of publications. Authors are encouraged to submit complete unpublished and original works, which are not under review in any other journals. The service delivery, mail responses and quality are excellent. I really appreciate the flexibility in accommodating requests of the authors. It is remarkable to have good printing and publishing infrastructure. This journal is really publishing good quality research papers with the excellent effort of good editorial boards and representations from different geographical regions. The quality of publishing and printing is outstanding. I wholeheartedly support the open-access peer-reviewed journals that IJSIMR publishes.

ARC Journals

Dr.Mireia Diaz-Lobo

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Faculty of Biology,
University of Barcelona,
Barcelona, Spain.

I congratulate the team of the International Journal of Advanced Research in Chemical Science (IJARCS) for their extraordinary hard work in publishing 12 issues per year. This journal is publishing a significant number of high-quality original research articles and scientific reviews from authors around the world. I recommend and encourage researchers to get their scientific work published in this prestigious journal.

ARC Journals

Prof. Jehu Onyekwere Nnaji

Professor of International Law and Global Politics,
Globe Visions Network,

'Academicians' Research Center (ARC) is an assemblage of professionals on diverse subject areas with the quest to explore new frontiers in the art of research and writing'.

ARC Journals

Dr. Soner AKIN

Teaching Assistant,
Kırıkhan Vocational School,
Mustafa Kemal University,

The ARC Publications Group and International Journal of Research in Tourism and Hospitality (IJRTH) will be the white hope journal devoted to articles that examine social studies and relations in depth, and commentaries by specialists in the field. Most of the articles are already based on empirical research undertaken by professionals and academics in the relevant fields. In addition to research articles and commentaries, ARC Publications promises that IJRTH is going to publish invited research in brief, and modern literature and book reviews in the fields of tourism, popular and mass communications, hospitality, organizational communications, social science research and evaluation, marketing, management and entertainment.

ARC Journals

Dr. Nicolae Adrian Secelean

Department of Mathematics and Informatics,
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu,

International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR) is an young scientific journal which encourages the publication of new results based on the development of clever ideas in the fields of classical and modern mathematics.

ARC Journals

Dr Nicholas E. Leadbeater

Department of Chemistry,
University of Connecticut,

I was pleased to have the opportunity to publish in IJARCS. The peer review process was rapid and thorough; the journal then produced the proofs in a timely manner, incorporated my changes and published the article. I recommend the journal to others in the broad field of chemistry.

ARC Journals

Prof Dr.Mohey A. Hassanain

Professor of Parasitology and Zoonotic Diseases,
Dokki, Giza,

On behave of myself and co authors, I send my deep congratulations on occasion of Anniversary of ARC publications PVT LTD. It is honorable to publish my article in IJRSB. I wish you great success in the field of Biosciences and I would like to mention that IJRSB represents one of the most respected journal with wide and has specialized scope under umbrella of Academician Research Center; a center for quality publication and Research excellence. The journal helps in contribution of papers on biosciences for publication in international journal. At the same time, the publication charges are acceptable and supported.

ARC Journals


Department of Studies in Zoology,
Gulbarga University,

I am here with submitting my appreciation for having providing extra ordinary services to the scientific community and research scholars of the country and whole world by publishing research articles through your esteemed scientific journals.

ARC Journals

Prof. Dr. Edi Cahyono

Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics,
Dept of Mathematics FMIPA,
Univ. Halu Oleo, Kampus Bumi Tridharma Anduonohu,
Kendari 93232 , Indonesia.

International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR) provides a way to develop expertise, especially for young scientists whose work is related to Mathematics and its applications. As a new journal, IJSIMR will grow together with them.

ARC Journals

Edward Missanjo

Department of Agro-Environmental Sciences,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Kyushu University,

I am very pleased to publish two articles at ARC Publications because of the fast procedure and visibility of publications to a wide audience that is essential particularly for the young researchers. ARC Publications speed and rigorous review of articles creates an avenue for serious minded scholars. ARC Publications fulfills its global mandate in promoting knowledge of transfer. I am very satisfied to experience such a professional publishing process and I would recommend ARC Publications to anyone looking for a high quality scientific journals. Looking forward to publish more papers in ARC Publications in the nearest future.

ARC Journals

Oluwabiyi Bolatito Adetoro

Science Laboratory Technology Department,
Lecturer II,
Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic,

I got to know about ARC Publications through a colleague at work and I did not regret submitting my Journal for publication with them. I want to use this medium to say thanks for a job well done. Your journal review team is wonderful set of people. They criticize constructively and do not mince word when they see a good write up. Their comments on my write-up encouraged me to want to do more and re-awaken my interest in research. I also want to thank my supervisor in person of Dr. U.F. Ekpo for suggesting the topic of the research work and giving me every support needed to achieve to complete the work. Thanks ARC Publications for a wonderful job. Beyond the sky is the limit with researchers who publish with you.

ARC Journals

Prof. Dr. G. C. Rao

Professor of Mathematics (former Head of the Department and Chairman, Board of Studies),
Department of Mathematics
Andhra university Visakhapatnam

First of all I congratulate the team of the International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR) for their remarkable hard work in publishing 12 issues per year. This journal is publishing original and innovative research articles of a high standard. The journal has very good researchers on its editorial board. This journal encourages the publication of new results based on the development of modern mathematics. I encourage and recommend the young researchers to get their work published in this prestigious journal. I appreciate the efforts of the Chief editor Prof. Dr. K.V.L.N. Acharyulu and his team in bringing out this journal as a peer-reviewed, open access journal. I wish the journal a bright future.

ARC Journals


Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences

I sincerely congratulate the journal JARCS with 3rd Anniversary. We appreciate the professionalism of your staff and reviewers, and we welcome the journal's editorial policy, aimed at the promotion of new scientific findings.

ARC Journals

Isilda Rodrigues

Researcher at the Centre for Research and Educational Intervention
University of Porto

I invite you to submit your articles to the International Journal of History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS). This is a recent publication that includes different fields of study, History of Science, Cultural History, Scientific literacy, Education, and others. You can submit your texts in different formats: original articles, research articles, review article, short reports and articles editorial.
I published in this journal and wish to continue to publish. So far I have a positive feedback. The evaluation of the articles is fast and the revision suggestions are constructive.
It is important for the scientific community and scientific development to share our investigations. We have to face the production of science with humility and look at the review by other colleagues, as moments of learning, which greatly enrich us.

ARC Journals


Research & Teaching Assistant in Environmental Science
Kuvempu University

IJRES Journal is a peer reviewed international open access online journal that publishes high-quality research articles, reviews, short communications and field reports dedicated to all aspects of Environmental sciences and its related subjects. Moreover, with the presence of well-qualified group of reviewers/referees, the process of publication will be done meticulously and to the highest standards.
I also would like to thank the publishers of the ARC journal-International Journal of Research in Environmental Science. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff members IJRES-ARC journal by covering the high quality online issues of the journal.
I express my deep sense of gratitude to the Editor-in-Chief and staff members of ARC journal who have provided this opportunity for me to work with such an exciting journal. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Editorial Board of IJRES for providing the support and feedback necessary to develop, and publish the research article of such consistent high quality.
I am consider it is a great honor being as an Editorial board member of IJRES Journal, and I will do my best to face all challenges that confront the journal and striving to increase the quality and impact of the journal's content. I hope that I have enjoyed & benefited from the published article in ARC open access Journal.
It is heartening to note that the journal is becoming more and more interdisciplinary providing a forum for the publication of original scientific papers especially in the field of Environmental, Basic and applied sciences to submit articles to IJRES Journal. I would like to thank all the authors who have contributed manuscripts in IJRES and those who are awaiting their manuscripts for publication in subsequent issues .

ARC Journals

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shafique

Professor of Mathematics, Teaching in the area of Mathematics ,
Research in Computational Mathematics,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I am doing my research in field of computational fluid dynamics. My one of research paper have been published is this journal. The services regarding publication process is very fact. The editor and his team are very cooperative. Now a day in the field of Mathematics and social media facilities many research journals are doing good job in world but this journal has unique value in its nature. My Regards to IJSIMR Team.

ARC Journals

Dr. Ramesh Chand

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Government College Dhaliara, Himachal Pradesh,
India. PIN 1771201.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. May the journal flourish its popularity by the issue of new findings of its very fine researchers from various fields collectively containing coverage of many specialised concept. I wish the journal to flourish with new innovative discoveries, wonderful inspirations for all the years to come. I wish the journal a grand success.

ARC Journals

Mansur Abubakar Wara

Department of History & Strategic Studies,
Federal University Dutsin-Ma,
Katsina State,

I respectably write to convey my heartfelt gratitude to ARC Publications for rendering me a great service. Your job is quite commendable for you ‘brighten the path’ in search of knowledge. My close interaction with the International Journal of Research in History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS) through the Academicians’ Research Center (ARC) Publications gladdens me and shall always remain worthwhile. I will also continue to publish with the ARC. I have no bunch of gold to reciprocate the kind gesture. I also call on other colleagues in academia to fully engage in working with the ARC for the purpose of achieving a thriving research and development worldwide.

ARC Journals

Prof. Dr.K.H.Manikandan

Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
P.S.N.A. College of Engineering & Technology,
Dindigul – Tamilnadu, India.

The journal doing wonderful things for the improvement of mathematics family. I do appreciate their great job and i wish them to continue the non stop process in future to give valuable things to the mathematics society.

ARC Journals

Dr. Khan Mujiburrehman

Environmental and Water Resources Engineer,
Department of Mathematics,
Dar Al Handasah,
Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The academic research center publishes research papers in various fields of engineering, life sciences, core science, and medical science etc. As a professional in Hydrology and environmental science, I find papers published in this journal very effective. The publications by academic research center are great source of knowledge for me. The research center maintains quality publication using peer rigorous review techniques, checking any plagiarism/copyright issue and multilevel stages of editing. I wish the academic research center will bring more quality paper in science field and keep adding into science resources.

ARC Journals

Olusola Ayo-Obiremi

The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary,
Ogbomoso Oyo State,

It has been a privilege and joy to publish in the IJHSSE journal. I appreciate your promptness in publishing, your feedback system, your clear communication with writers and your dependability as a team. I pray God's blessings on your work as you go into the third anniversary of publishing.
Please continue the good work of providing opportunities for academicians and provision of scholarly publications. I appreciate you and pray that God will continue to bless your efforts in Jesus' mighty Name.

ARC Journals

Prof. Dr. Vishnu Narayan Mishra

Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Applied Mathematics & Humanities Department,
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology,
Surat, India.

The endeavor of International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR) is to open new eras in the field of Mathematical Research. The publication of an article in a reputed journal is a crucial part in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them.

ARC Journals

Dr.Ajeet Jaiswal

Assistant Professor,
Department of Anthropology,
Pondicherry University,

My experience was very positive with International Journal of Research in Sociology and Anthropology (IJRSA) and team of ARC Publications PVT LTD has been very professional throughout the entire process especially reviewer. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am very happy, will be pleased to submit my future work with you.

ARC Journals

Dr. Reena Thakur Patra

Interdisciplinary Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies,
Department of Philosophy,
Punjab University,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Editor, The Managing Editor, The Editor Board, and the Staff of ARC Journal for taking time and effort to review manuscripts. As no manuscript is accepted or rejected without careful reading by expert in particular area to which the paper is related. The experts have maintained a high standard of scholarship and I believe the readers of this Journal deserves. I am happy to take this opportunity to extend warm thanks.

ARC Journals

Prof. Rajendra Singh

Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology and Department of Biotechnology,
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya University of Gorakhpur,
Uttar Pradesh,

I personally like your journal for publishing my articles because I appreciate your efforts in making the issues containing only very high quality articles that includes all recent inclusions of biological researches.
The quality of your journals is most excellent as these present clear visibility in experiments, analysis of statistical data, and much concised and literary language used in the subject, methodology, results, outcomes, and conclusions drawn.

ARC Journals

Professor Maduabuchi Dukor

Department of Philosophy,
Nnamdi Azikiwe University,

I congratulate you on your fits and mile stones in academic publishing .Your third anniversary is an epitome of not only success but also a celebration of quintessence of creativity exalted in international scientific and. Literary Community. Your high academic standard, quality of editorial finishing, spontaneous flash lights and visibilities of IJHSSE scholars in world scholarship as a result of open accessibility of your Journal is unprecedented and historic.
As one of your authors I have benefited from your editorial finesse, quality publishing and high visibility. In addition, yours has over the years proved to be a celebration of young scholars. It is because of these antecedents that I appreciate my association with you and therefore congratulate you on your third anniversary.

ARC Journals

Mohammad Asif

Department of Pharmacy,
GRD (PG) Institute of Management and Technology,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand,

ARC Publications is a good publication house and publish various discipline journals. These are world class peer review journals. Publication process is fast and easy.

ARC Journals

Rajesh Ranjan

Ph.D. Research Scholar,
National Institute of Industrial Engineering,

My expression about this prominent journal "it is very good journal and always publishes quality papers. I heartily want to publish my paper in future also.

ARC Journals

Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin

Department of Chemistry,
University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

It is the matter of pleasure that ARC Publications Pvt Ltd had stepped into 3rd Anniversary of Publishing. ARC Publications, an ideal house of publications serves as a vehicle of research and education. ARC publishes internationally peer reviewed academic journal of recent advancements in all field of knowledge. As one of the authors of field of chemical sciences I feel proud to work with them. ARC generously associated with the authors especially for the prompt review and publication of the manuscript with economic publication fees. ARC Publications successfully completed two years publications. I hope it will soon reach to the peak and will be the centre of researchers and scientists. I hope they will be cordial to get DOI no. for the articles and impact factor of their journals. I wish all the success of ARC Publications.