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International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature

Volume-4 Issue-8, 2016

Improving Differentiated Learning Among Primary School Teachers; Enhancing the Acquisition of Phonological and Reading Comprehension Skills. The Case of Buea Sub-Division, Cameroon
Awah Julia Azah, Ph.D.
Download | Page No : 1-22

The Philosophical Ideas and Themes of Legendary Writers of Indian English Literature through Their Fiction - A Critical Study
Dr.Venkateswarlu Yesapogu, Manjula Kandula
Download | Page No : 23-29

A Foucauldian Analysis of Money in George Eliot's Silas Marner
Alireza Farahbakhsh, Zohreh Ahmadi
Download | Page No : 30-36

Bharati Mukherjee's 'The Tiger's Daughter' As a Study of an Immigrant's Psyche
Dr.Akhilesh Barche, Mrs.Nidhi Joshi
Download | Page No : 37-40

The Reflection of Tepa Selira 'Considerate' in the Provincial Parliament's Meeting of Yogyakarta Special Territory
Dwi Santoso
Download | Page No : 41-45

An Investigation into Iranian English Major Students' Learning Styles Preferences and Their Multiple Intelligences
Maryam Zarei
Download | Page No : 46-52

Fierce Literary Works of Kazi Nazrul Islam: A Rebellious Identity in the Domain of Bangla Literature
Farhana Haque, M.A
Download | Page No : 53-58

Through Eroticism to Sthitaprajnatwa: Paradoxes meet in I.B. Singer's Fiction
Dr V.V. Ushabala
Download | Page No : 59-61

Sacrifice, Guilt, and Dreams in a Woman's Life: Ashima in the Namesake and Suyuan in the Joy Luck Club as Examples
Dr.Eiman Abbass El-Nour, Reem Nasser Al-Aulaqi
Download | Page No : 62-70

Identifying the Patterns of the Near-synonymous Attributive Verb Pairs in the Academic Written Text
Hu, Hsueh-chao
Download | Page No : 71-76

On The Importance of Out-Of-Class Language Learning Environments: A Case of a Web-Based E-Portfolio System Enhancing Reading Proficiency
Somayeh Fathali, Takeshi Okada
Download | Page No : 77-85

Content-Theme-Based Instruction to Increase the Quality of EFL Class
Download | Page No : 86-90

English Textbook in Ethiopia from Teachers' and Students' Perspectives: The Case of Grade Twelve Students' Textbook
Abebe Tilahun
Download | Page No : 91-100

The Bluest Eye: A Tragedy of Oppression and Internalized Racism
Dr.Neelam Bhardwaj
Download | Page No : 101-104

The Accurate Eight Classes of the Grammarians of Basra and Kufa Analytical, Historical Study
Dr. Basem Abed Al-Rahman Al-Bably
Download | Page No : 105-122