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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature

Volume-4 Issue-6, 2016

The Process of Dissimilation in English and Arabic: A Comparative Study
Aseel Muhammad Faiq, Israa Burhanuddin
Retracted | Page No : 1-11

Analysis of Listening Anxiety in EFL Class
Ye Pan
Download | Page No : 12-16

Home Is Where the Date-Palm Is: The Village as a Focus of Identity in Sudanese Fiction
Eiman Abbas Hassan El-Nour
Download | Page No : 17-26

Textual Metafunction in Persian Economic and Sports Texts
Dr.Foroogh Kazemi, Samira Karimi
Download | Page No : 27-34

Movies Supplement English Classroom to Be Effective in Improving Students' Listening and Speaking Skills - A Review
Hari Babu Thammineni
Download | Page No : 35-37

Conflict Avoidance as Linguistically Reflected in English and Javanese
Adnan Zaid
Download | Page No : 38-41

Themes, Structure and Vision in Philip Larkin's The Less Deceived
Dr.Naila Ahmed Suhail
Download | Page No : 42-51

Internet Integration in EFL College Instruction: Attitudes and Perspectives
Abdulhafeed Saif Modhish, Abdu M. Talib Al-Kadi
Download | Page No : 52-62

Revisiting Shakespeare: Subverting Heteronormativity - A Reading of William Shakespeare's Macbeth
Pallabi Baruah
Download | Page No : 63-66

Exploring Textual Metafunction in Akachi Ezeigbo's The Last of the Strong Ones: A Gender-Based Analysis of Female Roles in Contemporary African Society
Leonard Koussouhon, Severin Mehouenou
Download | Page No : 67-74

Exploring the American Dream in Action through Horatio Jr. Alger's Ragged Dick
Kpohoue Ferdinand
Download | Page No : 75-84

Exploring Women's Identity in Selected Charles Dickens's Works: A re-visitation from a Contemporary African Perspective
Taofiki Koumakpai, Kossi Joiny Towa-Sello
Download | Page No : 85-95

The Wandering Experience in Raja Rao's Oeuvre - A Critical Elucidation
Dr.Venkateswarlu Yesapogu
Download | Page No : 96-101