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International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature

Volume-4 Issue-2, 2016

Will Durant and the Rich Argosy of Literary Legacy
Prof.V.V.Hanumantha Rao
Download | Page No : 1-4

English Language Skills and Job Opportunities, Privileges, Personal Functions and E-Uses as Perceived by Seniors in Palestinian Universities
Omar Mustafa Abu-Humos
Download | Page No : 5-11

The Relationship between ReflectiveTeaching, Willingness to Communicate (WTC), and Intrinsic Motivation of Iranian Advanced Learners
Mohammad Zohrabi, Maryam Yousefi
Download | Page No : 12-28

Linguistic Interference from Hindi in Indian English
Shalini Mishra, Dr.Anjani Mishra
Download | Page No : 29-38

The Structure of Parallelism in Sa'adi Yusuf's Poetry
Khader Tawfiq Khader, Mohammed Mostafa Kullab
Download | Page No : 39-51

The Status of Woman in Amitav Ghosh's Oeuvre - a Feminist Perspective
Dr.Venkateswarlu Yesapogu
Download | Page No : 52-59

Building Bridges with the Parables: Developing Bilingual Students' EFL Skills and Cultural Awareness within a Multimodal Learning Environment
Papadopoulos Isaak, Theologou Evangelia, Theologou Maria
Download | Page No : 60-66

A Study on the Guidelines for Chinese-English Translation of Traffic Signs
Zhongwen Liu, Xia Gao
Download | Page No : 67-72

The Reluctant Anchorite: The Inverted Price of Sainthood in R.K. Narayan's the Guide
Download | Page No : 73-80

The Arabic Origins of English and Indo-European "Floral Terms": A Radical Linguistic Theory Approach
Zaidan Ali Jassem
Download | Page No : 81-99

Individualism of Hester Prynne in the Seventeenth Century Puritan Society: The Scarlet Letter
Ms. Mursalin Jahan, Prof. Syed Zaheer Hasan Abidi
Download | Page No : 100-106

The Assertive Mother in Toni Morrison's Sula
Miss. Dhavaleswarapu Ratna Hasanthi
Download | Page No : 107-112