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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research

Volume-4 Issue-3, 2016

Download | Page No : i

A Special Feature: Brief Information about Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler
Download | Page No : ii

Hidden Markov Model in Biological Sequence Analysis- A Systematic Review
R. Sasikumar, V. Kalpana
Download | Page No : 1-7

An Accessible Approach to the Galois Theory of Equations
Andrei Nicolaide
Download | Page No : 8-12

Effect of Thermal Diffusion and Radiation on Unsteady Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Viscous Fluid in a Vertical Wavy Cylinder
V.Raghavendra Prasad, M.Siva Sankara Reddy
Download | Page No : 13-27

Minimum Weight Independent Neighborhood Sets of Interval Graphs
Dr. C.V. Sulochana, Prof. B. Maheswari
Download | Page No : 28-33

Modelling of Extreme maximum Rainfall using Extreme Value Theory for Tanzania
Triphonia Jacob Ngailo, Joachim Reuder, Edwin Rutalebwa, Shaban Nyimvua, Michel d.S. Mesquita
Download | Page No : 34-45

On The Generalized Riemann Hypothesis II
Dorin Ghisa
Download | Page No : 46-55

On the Connected End Equitable Domination of Graphs
Murthy K.B
Download | Page No : 56-62

Valuated Binary Tree: A New Approach in Study of Integers
WANG Xingbo
Download | Page No : 63-67

On the Analysis of Discrete Epidemic Models with Specific Nonlinear Incidence Rate
Amine BOUAINE, Mostafa RACHIK, Khalid HATTAF
Download | Page No : 68-72