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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Innovative Studies in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries

Volume-4 Issue-2, 2018

Development of a Y-Maze Task for Studying Cognitive Function Using Teleost Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) and Cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus)
Hafandi Ahmad, Tengku Rinalfi Putra Tengku Azizan, Mohd Hezmee Mohd Noor, Hasliza Abu Hassim, Hassan Mohd Daud

Study on Ecological Three-dimensional Culture Model of Procambarus clarkii and Rhodeus sinensis
Jian guo Wang, Xiao jiang Chen, Zhou Wang, Quan Wang, Xue Qi

Survival of Landlocked Fall Chinook Salmon Eggs after Delayed Fertilization
Hunter Eide, Michael E. Barnes
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 14-18

Morphometric Characteristic of Macrobrachium sp. from Barito River, Indonesia
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 19-31

Comparative Effects of the Acute Toxicity of Clove (Eugenia Aromatica) Powder to Clarias Gariepinus and Heterobranchus Bidorsalis Fingerlings
Okey, I B, Gabrie, U U, Deekae, S. N
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No : 32-39