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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Volume-4 Issue-11, 2017

Reflections about the Spoken Language in Modern Romanian
Viorica Molea

Problem of Translating Metaphoric Expressions in the Holy Qur'an in to English
Dr.Abdelrazig Abdelghani Mahil Ibrahim

Parental Support in Career Development of Youths with Intellectual Disabilities in Selected Skills Training Institutions in Zambia: Are Parents Practitioners?
Mathatha Viola, Ndhlovu Daniel

Discourse Patterns of Lessons on Topics Perceived to be Difficult in Biology at Selected Secondary Schools in Luapula Province of Zambia
Kambi Manda, Christopher Haambokoma, Kabunga Nachiyunde

Aspects of Community-based Adult Education Activities in NalueiWard of Mongu District, Zambia
Stephen Banda, Anolt L.H. Moonga, Phyllis I. Sumbwa

The Contribution of Types of Intelligence and Self-Efficacy to High School Student's Biology Cognitive Learning Outcome in South Tapanuli Regency
Arif Rahman Hakim Tampubolon, Fauziyah Harahap, Mufti Sudibyo

Analysis of Biological Difficulties in Studying Tissue Culture at State University of Medan Indonesia
Ali Ihsanul Huda, Fauziyah Harahap, Syahmi Edi

Lexicons in the Gayo Isolectal Variations: A Dialectologic Study
Dardanila, Haris Sutan Lubis

The Tepribaskog Assessment Model to the Violations of Maxim of Quality in Bahasa Indonesia: A Case of Residural Type of Schizophrenia with Alogia Symptoms
Gustianingsih and Dwi Widayati

Shift and Reduction in the Eco-Lexicon Treasures of Asahan Malay
Dwi Widayati, Gustianingsih, Rosliana Lubis

Meaning Relations in the Headlines of 'Analisa' Daily Newspaper
Salliyanti, Isma Tantawi

Female Students' Attitude towards Abortion
Kpolovie, Peter James, Oguwike, Amarachi
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :98-120

Development of Learning Material of Biotechnology Topic Based on STEAM-LW Approach for Secondary School in Coastal Area
Anjar Putro Utomo, Ika Lia Novenda, Aris Singgih Budiarso, Erlia Narulita
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :121-127

Moral Education of Children: Moral Act as Artistic Activity
Ali. Ghasemi, Mohsen Imani, Alireza Sadeqzadeh, Mohammad, Saeedimehr
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :128-134

Okotp'Bitek's "Song of Lawino": a Lasting Influence on East African Verse
Felix Orina, Makarios Wakoko
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :135-146

Students' Perception of Cell Phones in the Classroom
Kimbrough, S, Culpepper, D, Crutcher, T
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :147-152

Conceptualization of Entrepreneurial Leadership Models and its Suitability towards Educational Settings
KavithaSelvaraja, ZaidatolAkmaliah Lope Pihie
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :153-158

Comparison of Metacognitive and Scientific Writing Skills of Students at Ecology Topic Learned by Project-Based Learning and Guided Discovery Learning Models
Irda Wahidah Nasution, Binari Manurung, Tumiur Gultom
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :159-166

The Applicability of Active-Participatory Methods
Nicoleta Ramona Ciobanu
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :167-169

The Influence of Inquiry Learning Model on Student's Scientific Attitudes in Ecosystem Topic at MTs. Daarul Hikmah Sei Alim (Islamic Junior High School) Asahan
Haji Hamidun Sitorus, Hasruddin, Syahmi Edi
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :170-175

Scientific Literacy Skills of Seventh Grade Junior High School (SMP Negeri) Students in North Labuhanbatu Regency
Parningotan Siagian, Melva Silitonga, Ely Djulia
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :176-182

Impact of utilizing semantic maps strategy on the development of English language vocabulary learning for Saudi secondary schools' students
Dr.Abdelrazig Abdelghani Mahil Ibrahim
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :183-196

Correlation of Learning Method of Prophetic Character Education toward Student Achievement Learning Outcomes in Vocational Education in Indonesia
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :197-207

Comparison of Motivation and Students' Learning Achievements by using E-Learning based Schoology and Power Point on Biology Material
Asmariati Purba, Herbert Sipahutar, Syahmi Edi
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :208-213

The Difficulties Encounter (ESP) Students in Using English Prepositions of Time
Abdelrazig Abdelghani Mahil Ibrahim
Download | Full Text HTML | Page No :214-222