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  DOI Prefix   10.20431


International Journal of Advanced Research in Chemical Science

Volume-2 Issue-1, 2015

An Evaluation of the Impact of Epoxidized Neem Seed Oil (Azadirachtaindica) Modification on the Adhesive Properties of Soybean Glue
B.A. Ikyenge, B.O. Ogenyi, J.T. Ageh, L. Akaazwana

Preparation and Characterization Carbon Nanotubes - Chitosan Nanocomposite by Using Oil Palm Shell and Horseshoe Crab Shell
Masdania Zurairah Siregar, Zul Alfian, Harry Agusnar, Harlem Marpaung

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of Some Novel Quinoxaline Derivatives
Fatimah A. S. Alasmari, Nabilah A. Aljaber, Makarem M. S. Korrah
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Corrosion Characterization of Aluminium-7075/Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composites
S.D.Ashok, G.P.Mamatha, T V Venkatesha, R.D.Pruthviraj, P.V.Krupakara
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Synergistic Stabilizing Effect of Combination of Maleimido Phenyl Thiourea Derivatives and Some Commercial Stabilizers against Thermal Degradation of PVC
Nadia A. Mohamed, Nahed A. Abd El-Ghany, Mona M. Fahmy, Marwa H. Ahmed
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